Approaching their 40th tour season, "The Even More Fabulous for 2014"  Fabulous Hubcaps continue to be the nation's most sought after Nostalgic Classic Rock & Roll band. Look for new shows, new songs, new costumes and a brighter and more dynamic production this year!!!

5,000 shows, 1,000,000 tour miles, and 30 amazing past and present Fabulous Hubcaps performers have contributed to the best show ever for 2014 and have earned them the highest praise and reviews from fans and critics alike. Look for Tom Jones, Billy Joel, The Drifters, 50 Years of Bond…James Bond (shakin, not stirred), "New York Melodies" Medley, Benny Goodman, Cher and The Platters, new this season…as well as your favorite nostalgic tributes to the early days of rock and roll; Elvis, Buddy Holly, Tina Turner, Frank Sinatra, Little Richard and The Beach Boys!!!

The Fabulous Hubcaps continue to enjoy sold out shows everywhere thanks to their Fabulous Fans. As they are told so by their many fans, there is no other band like The Fabulous Hubcaps.